May 23

A Gardener’s Guide to Weeds

Some plants are less equal than others and are classified as weeds. Here is a gardener’s guide to some of the good the bad and the noxious varieties of weeds

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Dec 08

Sexy Vintage Lingerie for Women of All Shapes and Sizes

Shopping for lingerie for your wife, girlfriend or for yourself? Not every woman feels comfortable or looks her best in scanty panties and push up bras, but there are lots of alluring vintage styles now available to on-line shoppers and they will make any lady feel sexy.

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Sep 28

How to Use a Neti Pot to Help Cure A Cold Flu or Allergies

The Neti Pot looks like a cross between Aladdin’s lamp and a teapot. You use a Neti Pot to perform a healing sinus wash called nasal irrigation or douching.

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Sep 28

DOGTV The First Network For Canines

One of our most anticipated new networks is now on DirecTV. Check out DogTV. Your doggie with thank you.

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Jul 05

Osteoporosis Medications and Serious Side Effects

Did you know that most popular medications for osteoporosis and osteopenia can have debilitating side effects?
I didn’t until I started taking them! After a very unpleasant trip to the hospital for heart palpitations, I also discovered, they may not be as effective as natural remedies in preventing and reversing bone loss.

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Apr 30

Vintage Collectible Handbags | The Perfect Gift

Vintage beaded and tapestry handbags are all the rage these days and they are gaining in value as a collectible item.

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Apr 19

Gibson Girls | Vintage Sex Goddesses

The Gibson Girls of America’s Victorian Age, had a style and sophistication that paved the way to today’s popular Vintage Revival. Here’s their story including how to create a Gibson Girl Hairdo.

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