May 08

Hot Designer Neon Fashions Are In The News

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From the Roberto Capucci exhibit at The Philadelphia Museum of Art


Neon electric colors are one of the fabulous fashion trends this season, whether they stand alone as eye-popping accessories or explode in your face as outrageously energetic dresses and gowns.

Last season, designers brought back the sultry glamour of the past with clingy dresses and fur wraps. Retro style is still very “in”, as 60‘s neon fashion fads repeat themselves this spring, summer and pre-fall. 

Nicole Miller shoulder drape dress. Click to learn more.


Color Clashing is Hot Too and It’s Not Just for Two-Toned Items.

Mismatched accessories are all the rage. So slip on those hot yellow cut offs   and grab that Botkier hot red matte leather ‘Evans’ shoulder bag ,.. but don’t stop there.

Botkier hot red matte leather ‘Evans’ shoulder bag. Click for more info

Get these fast from Amazon. Click on the photo


Showing Off Your Extreme Colors Extends to Your Extremities Too.


OPI has come out with neon nail polish (called “Brights”)  in colors with names like, “Blue My Mind”, “Flashbulb Fuscia” and “Need Sunglasses”.

It puts  2011’s pale pink and 2010’s French manicure to the bottom of the most wanted list, (or at least to the back of the shelf).



If you grew up with tennis shoes that flashed led lights, your probably ready for some flashy neon shoes. 

                                                                                                                 Celine neon pink patent leather cutout pumps
Hot designer Céline has some neon pink patent leather pumps for creating a bit of steamy attraction at the office. 
Then, after work, lace up your grown up tennis shoes with new neon laces in black-light reactive green and orange and put on your retro hot shutter shades. 
Even your iPhone can turned on the neon lights with a Rebecca Minkoff hot pink pyramid stud rubber i-phone case  .  
They may say “Never wear white after Labor Day”, but when it comes to Neon fashion colors there are no rules, especially when it comes to showing off your creative style. 
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