Dec 20

Eight Great Black and White Christmas Movies You May Have Missed

Here are eight great black and white Christmas movies you may have missed. They are fast becoming collectible items now available on DVD.

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Dec 10

How to Be Nice When You’re Mad As Hell

How does a nice person deal with being mad as hell? How does one express oneself and still maintain the integrity of their true persona? Here’s some savvy advice from SavvyExaminer.

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Dec 09

Men in Kilts

I always liked the fact that real men ate tofu, practiced
yoga and wore kilts. Here are some observations from a savvy American woman.

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Dec 08

Telling Lies Can Affect Your Health

Everyone knows that telling lies can get you into trouble, but studies show that it can also affect your health. A person who lies continuously will eventually face anxiety, depression and physical, even psychological illness.

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Nov 27

Skin Care, Hair and Other Beauty Tips You Can Forget

Looking for remedies for sagging skin, split ends and other annoying ‘defects’ that compromise the beauty of the ideal woman? Before you begin, here are tips on how to weed out the snake oil salesmen and debunk the old wives’ tales.

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Nov 02

Colorful Shoelaces Are the Hot Fashion Trend for Footwear

Colorful contrasting shoelaces are this seasons hot fashion accessory. Here are some creative ways to flash up your footwear.

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Oct 31

Harmonic Interior Design for Health, Happiness and Success

Discover how harmonic interior design can help you achieve success, greater health and happiness.

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