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How to make money selling valuable collectibles.

Sexy Vintage Lingerie for Women of All Shapes and Sizes

1020's Silk Teddy

Shopping for lingerie for your wife, girlfriend or for yourself? Not every woman feels comfortable or looks her best in scanty panties and push up bras, but there are lots of alluring vintage styles now available to on-line shoppers and they will make any lady feel sexy.

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Vintage Collectible Handbags | The Perfect Gift

Vintage beaded and tapestry handbags are all the rage these days and they are gaining in value as a collectible item.

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Six Great Black and White Christmas Movies You May Have Missed

Here are eight great black and white Christmas movies you may have missed. They are fast becoming collectible items now available on DVD.

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Getting the Most Money for Your Collectibles

vintage collectibles

Are you selling your collectibles for the best price? How do you know the fair market value of your collectible treasures? A thorough information-gathering approach is recommended before selling your collectible items.

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Why French Limoges Boxes Are So Collectible

Exquisite French Limoges boxes were originally used as snuff or pill boxes. Today, the beauty and diversity of themes of these little porcelain boxes have captured the hearts of collectors worldwide. The artistry of Limoges is alive and well.

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Vintage Collectible Handbags: Metal Mesh Purses and Handbags

W.B. Co. vintage German silver evening bag

This article focuses on the many beautiful styles of vintage metal mesh handbags and purses; their growing value and where you can acquire them. Sexy metal mesh bags work great with today’s business and evening wear.

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Valuable Vintage Items: Popular Collectibles That are Gaining in Value

If you are a born collector with a penchant for vintage items, you might be looking for a new investment. Perhaps you are not ready to splurge on high-priced antiques, or maybe you simply do not have the physical space to make antique furniture collecting a viable hobby.

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