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Harmonic Interior Design for Health, Happiness and Success

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Discover how harmonic interior design can help you achieve success, greater health and happiness.

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Is Modern Furniture and Modern Interior Design a Worthwhile Investment?

Modernism is now synonymous with the ergonomics of the way we live today – from the way we entertain our friends and our associates, to the practical aspects of comfort, economy of space and the use of sustainable materials, but is modern furniture a lasting investment? A new, forward-thinking generation of consumers has emerged and styles that were once considered transient, are today regarded as “classic”.

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Can You Mix Antique Furniture with Modern Furniture?

I run into so many people who have just inherited their parents’ antique and vintage furniture. The sudden windfall often turns into the daunting prospect of having to incorporate the old with the new.  Can fine old furniture work within a more modern environment? Yes it can if you know how to do it right.

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